Vapor Barrier Removal, Disposal and Installation

vapor barrierVapor barrier is your first line of defense against moisture and the damage it can cause to your home.

Most crawl spaces in the North West have dirt floors. During our particularly long rainy season, moisture may seep into that dirt, travel up the wood substructure of the home - causing rot, inviting termites, and weakening the structure of the home. Constant high moisture level is ideal for the growth of Mold and mildew which can cause health problems and an unpleasant odor in the home.

When should you call Vapor Barrier Installation:

  • Your house has a constant moldy odor
  • Your house has an unidentifiable unpleasant odor
  • Your carpet has moldy spots or odor
  • Your crawl space smells moldy
  • The wood in your substructure has rot, mild or traces of termite colonies.


Our staff will perform a thorough inspection, looking for moisture, inspecting the state of the barrier,
looking for gaps between the barrier and your structure’s due to poor installation, excessive rodent activities or workmen traffic. Based on their findings, our staff will explain the techniques and options available for keeping a crawl space dry, and recommend a course of action.


We will remove the old barrier, bag it and dispose of it in a safe manner.


After steps have been taken to make sure your crawl space is dry and clean – a new vapor barrier will be securely installed to block moisture from seeping into your structure. At Crawl Space and attic Clean up Pro we use the most updated and up-to-code materials.

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