rodent exculsionRats, mice, shrews, squirls and birds are a fact of life in the wooded Puget Sound area. Both rodents and birds may carry diseases and parasite in with them . Crawl spaces and attics are perfect habitats for rodents, while birds often nest in attics. They contaminate, damage insulation, chew holes into heating ducts, and damage surrounding structures. Keeping them out will prevent damage, keep your home clean and healthy, and prolong the life of your insulation and ducts.

When should you call us:

  • You and/or your pet hear rodent activity
  • You see a rodent or its droppings in your home
  • You detect an unpleasant odor
  • You are informed by repair people of an infestation.

Enetry point blockage

The best way to prevent the presence of unwanted rodents and birds is to make sure they can't enter. After all contaminated and frayed insulation and vapor barrier have been removed from the crawl space - our technicians inspect the perimeter throughly, finding and blocking all potential entry point. Once completed - traps are set to catch any remaining rodents, and enzyme solution is sprayed to eliminate the odorous markings left by the rodents.
The crawl space is ready for a fresh, rodent free start.