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duct repair and replacementAir-ducts are an important component of an HVAC system. They move the air from your furnace and/or AC units into each room in your house. Well maintained air ducts will produce efficiency, minimum heat loss, optimum indoor air quality, and healthy and clean crawl space and attic.

When should you call Duct Repair:

  • Your house never gets warm or cool enough, even though your furnace or AC units are working hard Sudden, unexplained increase in your energy bills
  • Strange odor in the house
  • Rodent infestation in the crawl space or attic
  • Strange noises in your ducts
  • Dark areas on the carpet, floor or wall around your air vents.
  • Water damage
  • Remodeling
  • Low clothes dryer performance


When the sealing between the duct sections wears off, warm or cool air escape into your attic and/or crawl space, instead of the home. Your energy bills go up – your home is not warm or cool enough, and your crawl space and attic become an inviting shelter for rodents, birds and other critters.

Odors from the crawl space and attic can seep into poorly sealed ducts and flow into your home through your ventilation system.

Periodic inspection of the ducts sealing will ensure and air tight, clean, fresh and efficiently delivered warm or cool air into your home.

At Duct Sealing out technicians will detect breaches in your duct sealing, and re-seal the duct connection points thoroughly and effectively.

duct-repair-1Until 20 years ago it was not customary to screw and seal when joining ducts. Joints often fell apart.

duct-repair-2Today we still join ducts in a similar way.

duct-repair-3But we screw and seal new duct connections, and repair and re-seal the old ones.


When the insulation around the ducts wears off – warm or cool air is lost along the whole length of the exposed duct. It heats or cools your crawl space and attic, instead of your home. Your furnace and AC units have to work much harder and longer – which shortens their life span. Even though the furnace and AC are working hard and driving the energy bills up - your home is never warm or cool enough.

Main cause for damaged insulation is rodent nesting, but insulation does wear out with time. There are always upgrades in the market, and periodically the building code requirements are updated as well.

Duct insulation should be inspected periodically and upgraded when needed.

Air Duct Insulation Renton WA technicians are informed on the most updated techniques and materials available. They are updated on code, do their work thoroughly, and take pride in it. The result of their work will be noticeable and measurable.


Ducts in your attic and crawl space can become disconnected due to rodent infestations, flooding, or just ordinary house settling. Large gaps between duct sections provide an exit point for the heated and cooled air before it has a chance to reach the vents in your rooms. Rather than heating or cooling your home – you are heating or cooling your attic and crawl space, thus wasting energy, paying bills without receiving the benefits, and inadvertently creating an inviting shelter for rodents, birds and other critters in the structure of your home.

Gaps may also provide rodents and bugs a direct passage from the crawl space or attic into your home.

Inspecting your ducts periodically to make sure they are connected is a very good home up-keep practice.

The technicians at Duct Connecting Renton WA are very experienced in finding troubled spots. They will diagnose the cause of the disconnection, make necessary changes to prevent the problem from recurring, clean, re-connect, re-seal and re-insulate the open and exposed ducts.


All Air Duct Replacement WA technicians are experienced in replacing and adding ducts in every part of the home. They are well informed on code requirements – and are trained to offer specific solutions for any space and challenge.

Reasons for duct replacement and addition:

  1. During home re-modeling
  2. When installing new ducts during a remodel, some of the connecting ducts might be replaced to achieve optimum connection and good air flow.
  3. Water damage from flooding or pipe burst
  4. When water had sat in the duct – it might be more cost effective to replace a duct rather than to clean is.
  5. Discovery of unsafe duct materials (such as asbestos ducts for example).
  6. Until the code changed, air ducts in many homes were made from asbestos. When a homeowner discovers the ducts in their home are made of asbestos, they normally opt to replace them, as they pose a health hazard.
  7. Duct material upgrade
  8. Updating and upgrading the home ventilation system is a common home improvement project. It may save a homeowner a lot of money on energy bills, will keep the house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, control indoor moisture levels, and keep the crawl space and attic clean and sanitary.


There are a few situations in which ducts need to be re-routed:
Re-routing a duct might be done when a dryer duct is too long, has too many kinks, often clogs and works inefficiently. Re-routing the dryer duct to a vent closer to the laundry room is a good solution.

When relocating a ventilation hood or microwave oven, re-routing of the ventilation ducts is required.