crawl space drainage - sump pumpDuring the very long rainy season in the Puget Sound area, standing water in the crawl space is a common problem. Water can leak into the crawl space from crawl space doors, vents, broken foundation drains, or seep up through the soil as a result of rising ground water. Plumbing leaks and burst pipes can also cause standing water in the crawl space. Water in the crawl space will cause mold and mildew, damage the wood supports, joists and subfloors of the home, cause a foul odor in the home and invite termites.

When should you call us:

  • You detect an unpleasant odor
  • Mold appears on lower part of the walls
  • Carpeting/floors smell mody
  • You are informed by repair people of standing water.


The first step with any standing water is water extraction followed by dry out. When the crawl space is dry again, a careful inspection is done to assess damage and plan reapir if neecessary. Whethere the water source is ground water seepage or flooding, our technicians willl offer preventative solution.
Once our experienced crew restores the crawl space to a healthy state, a sump pump solution is most common. Our crew will dig a drainage canal around the perimeter of the crawl space to collect the incoming water and divert it into a sump pump which will pump automatically whenever the water reaches an undesired level.