Crawl space & attic clean-up experts

crawl space and attic cleaningWhat happens in crawl spaces and attics doesn’t stay in crawl spaces and attics. It affects the whole house.

During the long rainy months in the North West, various critters find shelter in crawl spaces and attics. Rodents nest between the subfloor and its’ insulation tearing it, and leaving a scent to mark territory, which invites more rodents, and eventually seeps into the home. They borrow holes in flex duct, and nest between the ducts and insulation, causing your duct to deliver rodent matter and odor directly into your home. They may die there filling your home with a foul decomposition odor for weeks at a time. Construction debris soak in moisture, help rodents navigate through the center of the crawl space, provide nesting areas, obstruct ventilation and visibility, and add a fire hazard.

Bird and rodents nest in the attic, gradually fraying the insulation, making the attic warmer, your home colder, and your energy bills higher.

Debris left during construction provides good hiding places for various critter, attracts mildew, and obstructs proper ventilation.

When should you call Crawl Space and Attic Clean up Pros?

  • Unpleasant odor in the home
  • Excess dust
  • Noises in the crawl space and/or attic
  • Heat loss in your home
  • Stains on your ceilings


A thorough inspection is the best way to determine the state of the crawl space and attic. If any problems are found – cleaning is the most basic step in preparation for correcting any problem.


Our crew will go down into the crawl space with light so nothing is missed. They will collect anything that that doesn’t belong there, bag it and safely dispose of it.
The cleaning will improve the moisture and ventilation levels in the crawl space. It will prolong the life of the vapor barrier and eliminate many of the rodent hiding and nesting spots.
It will improve the visibility in your crawl space and eliminate the odors emanating from the moist debris.


Our crew will collect all debris from your attic, bag it and dispose of it safely.
Debris removal will improve visibility and ventilation in the attic, eliminate rodent nesting spots and will lower rodent ability to navigate freely, and lessen the fire hazard level in the attic.